American-Soviet Peace March, in the summer
of 1987 in the USSR, it was a great
joy for ordinary people.
This noble motto united everyone,
regardless of nationality, religion, culture,
customs, traditions and foundations.
For the first time in 60 years, people felt
the real joy of solidarity, people understood
each other without words and cried
with happiness and joy.
I, Banjov Nazarali Kholnazarovich,
was a participant in the Peace March
in those years and I remember and cry with joy,

American and Soviet peace fighters walked
for three weeks on the road from Leningrad
to Moscow. On the way, thousands of people
greeted the participants in the defense
of the world with flowers and treats.

The Soviet-American peace march initiative
took place along the Leningrad-
Novgorod-Kalinin-Moscow route from
June 15 to July 8, 1987.
This was a continuation of the
“Great Peace March” that took place
in the United States in 1986 from Washington
to San Francisco was overcome
in thirty-two days on foot.

During the 20th century, several peace marches
were organized with the participation of citizens
of the USA and the USSR. This motto for world
peace, represented civil diplomacy in defense
of peace from bureaucrats and partocrats.