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Freedom to producer Harvey Weinstein.

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Long live Harvey: Freedom to the innocent
producer Harvey Weinstein.
A court in New York announced the verdict
to Weinstein. A 67-year-old Hollywood tycoon
who had a hand in creating Oscar-winning,
multi - hits that went down in cinema history
was sentenced to 23 years in prison for a crime
he had never committed anywhere else in the world.

Harvey Weinstein was taken out of the courthouse
in Manhattan in a wheelchair - he was handcuffed.
He was shocked and stunned by judicial terror on
false charges sentenced to 23 years in prison.
Cruelty, lies, cynicism and arrogance of famous
women - liars against Harvey Weinstein.
Documents testifying to the innocence of the
convict constitute a whole bunch of documents.
Today, law enforcement officers in many countries
of the world as the Gestapo and SS men.

All charges against Harvey Weinstein are far-
fetched, a custom-made and fabricated criminal
case against him. All the women who accused
him of persecution and rape. This is all lies, this
is all fake from the first to the last word. All the
women in court lied, their motives for accusing of
false rape were accompanied by a desire to get
as much money as possible, they were ready to
do everything for money, they do terrible things for
Fraudsters of all stripes in the United States came
together to overthrow Harvey Weinstein.

In many countries of the world today, now the
judicial system fully protects the interests of
fraudsters of all stripes. In addition, the
incompetence of the courts should be considered
as a basis for the challenge of a judge.

Fraudsters have taken over the whole world and
are dictating their criminal laws to everyone.
Coronavirus is a global deception,
civil servants have deceived and are
deceiving the whole world. Each time,
the Authorities invent new methods of deception.
Viruses, this is one of the bloated deceptions
of all mankind, in which everyone believes.
Fraudsters of all stripes are civil servants,
they are the most dangerous in the world,
everyone suffers from their activity.

There is only one virus in the world -
these are scammers of all stripes:
Civil servants in Russia and in many
countries world, by deceit and in various ways,
calmly, openly and brazenly robbed,
rob the country and its gullible people.

Coronavirus is a global deception,
fraudsters of all stripes on scams and hysteria
around the coronavirus have earned trillions of
dollars - both at the state level and in the business
community. Deputies, senators, officials, civil
servants of all levels, officials and celebrities of all
stripes all over the world mock people. Throughout
history, they are perceived as cowardly
and slaves who continue to obey and believe
scammers of all stripes.

State structures and civil servants, for the sake of
money, go to any deception and go to any crime
by any means and will not spare anyone. The fight
against the virus is making money and distracting
people from global environmental problems in
Russia, China, Africa, Asia, the USA, Europe and all
countries of the world. Where everything is
poisoned - annually into the environment emissions
of toxic substances of more than 97 - billion tons
scattered around the world, these are all the
causes of all illness and death.

People turn the whole world into a lifeless area,
emissions of toxicwaste poison water,
air and soil and lead to illness and death
of all life on the planet. In the world 160
years ago there were many clean rivers, lakes,
seas, oceans and regions, and today there is no
clean anywhere in the world, from clean regions.
not a trace left. Humanity has turned the whole
world into a real hell.

All around the world breathe concentrations of gas,
hydrogen, pesticides and much more.
Many do not care about nature or health.
Through the fault of mankind, the
Earth collapses and all life in the whole world
perishes. Mankind has the audacity to blame all its
atrocities on defenseless and innocent mice, rats,
cows, pigs, birds, insects and plants and so on.

I appeal to all mankind to stop the whole world and
imagine such a picture that there is nothing to
breathe, nothing to quench, there is heat or cold,
floods or drought. Then all will be the end, so we
must timely abandon everything harmful. The
consequences of the extraction of soil, gravel,
sand, stone, salt, coal, ore, oil, gas and much more.

On the face: the climate has changed for the worse,
shallow and dried up rivers and lakes in different
parts of the World, the melting of icebergs and the
arctic ocean, earthquakes, hurricanes, acid rains
and snow, Earth, atmosphere and water are
mutilated and poisoned, various diseases.

All living things around the world breathe one
poisoning by air, we drink the same poisoning of
water. Therefore, we are all sick and do not live,
but suffer and slowly die painfully. Until it’s too
late, we can get rid of all the troubles and
destruction, for this we need the whole world to
stop once and for all the extraction of soil, gravel,
sand, stone, salt, coal, ore, oil, gas and so on.

There is only one life in the world, this is mother -
the Earth, which created us and other animals and
plants, and together we have one family. Once, I
and other animals lived according to the laws of
Mother Nature, freely, peacefully, on an equal
footing with everyone else, and without words
understood each other, and no one exploited and
no one dominated anyone. Nothing bad came to
anyone's mind, and nobody offended anyone.

Dwellings were built from tree branches and dry
grass, we were in these dwellings in winter, and
frost was nothing to us. We didn’t use fire at all,
we ate all kinds of plants that grew around and
everywhere. We were not afraid of death, if
someone was dying, then this was not a tragedy
for anyone. And the body of the deceased was
carried away from the house and left there, and
the predators devoured him, so there was nothing
left for decomposition.

Nobody thought about the dead, everyone thought
only about everything alive and reasonably
related to all those around them.
We did not suspect that somewhere in the world
there are animals named humanity that have
exalted themselves to heaven, dominating mother
Earth and all. They found us and disturbed the
peace and said that we should leave these places
and we would be led to where we would live
according to the laws of the state. So we were
forcibly deprived of habitat and rational behavior
and accustomed to everything harmful.

I didn’t try, I don’t try to get accustomed to
everything bad, therefore I have very few friends
around the world. Urbanization and
industrialization leads to a worldwide
environmental disaster, from which no one can be
saved. It is not too late for us to come to our
senses with the whole world and stop forever the
extraction of soil, gravel, sand, stone, salt, coal.
ore, oil, gas and much more.

It is not too late to come to your senses and
permanently stop the production of salt, coal, ore,
oil, gas, soil, gravel, sand, stone and so on: Only in
this way can we prevent a global environmental

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For the freedom of Harvey Weinstein
and other political prisoners.
Harvey Weinstein's imprisonment
is a reminder of the incompetence
of the court and the prosecutor.



Hello people of the world, please help save an  innocent man: Harvey Weinstein suffered from lying women, all charges against him are contrived and fabricated.



Famous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein
sentenced to 23 years in prison. He was convicted
of a crime he had never committed. In many
countries of the world, there are many cases in
judicial practice when an innocent person was sent
to prison.



An urgent need to send to prison all the women who
opposed Weinstein.


Вы здесь » Save Protest stop oil and gas. » Тестовый форум » Freedom to producer Harvey Weinstein.