Save Planet World: Protector of Nature Banjov Nazarali Kholnazarovich.

Devastation and pollution of the Earth, water and
air due to the criminal activities of all mankind.
People do not think about the consequences of
their crimes against Nature: they are confident in
their complete impunity.

Environmental problems in the world are taking
on the scale of a global catastrophe, if they are
not solved today, then tomorrow it will be too
late. There remains the only chance to save
Nature, completely abandon human civilization
and live like the rest of the animal world.

The sources of all diseases and terrible painful
deaths are everywhere, it is civilization,
urbanization and industrialization: These three
factors turned the earthly paradise into horror and
hell, disfigured, poisoned all nature.
People violate the laws of nature in order to
destroy everything and everyone in the world.

The Earth and the atmosphere on the Planet
are the same, if people somewhere destroy
something, it upsets the ecological balance
in the whole world.

People, are you not afraid that you will soon stop
without water, air and plants? Doesn't humanity
really understand that the destroyed, polluted and
poisoned Earth, water and atmosphere will never
return in its pure form?

Today, the water level is at a record low
and will reach catastrophic levels by 2030 due to
the extraction coal, oil, ore, gas, bauxite, asbestos,
tin, manganese salt, soil, gravel, sand, stone,
diamonds, gold, silver, nickel, copper, pyrite, zinc,
lead, chromium, aluminum, titanium, cobalt,
pmagnesium, uranium, oxides and much more.

I, Banjov Nazarali Kholnazarovich, ask all people
to stop destroying Nature. Several centuries ago
there were few people in the world and there were
no cities, transport and industry, then there was a
real paradise. And today it is a real hell, the
whole world is poisoned with toxic waste, it hurts
to see how people destroy Nature.

Under no circumstances should any excavation or
mining work in the world be permitted as it
destroys natural landscapes. 58 years ago there
were many green and clean places in many parts
of the world. And today everything is poisoned
everywhere. The whole world is drowning in toxic
waste, hundreds of billions of tons of the most
dangerous waste are scattered around the world,
on Earth in gorges, rivers, lakes, seas, oceans,
and all toxic waste from all over the world is
dumped there.

We, people, should not gazpodstvat over the
world and over someone there is.
No difference between us and all living things
in the world.
Plants, animals and we are children of the Earth,
and we are all one family. And we with the whole
world must live according to the laws of Nature
and save the whole world from destruction and
ecological catastrophe.

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