In Crimea, the situation after heavy rains
damaged many houses in the Bakhchisarai
region, flooded. The weather around the world is
disrupted due to environmental pollution.

Please save the world:
Contaminated and poisoned soil, water
and atmosphere are carried around the world,
seeping into groundwater, rivers, lakes, seas
and oceans.
Plants, flora, fauna and so on every day get sick
and die from toxic substances, chemicals,
pesticides, herbicides, as well as from oil,
gases and from garbage, landfills and so on.

Humanity has never tried to change the
situation on the planet for the better.
7 billion 827 thousand people destroy
and devastate Nature.
The pollution and destruction of the Earth, water
and atmosphere has led to many diseases and
painful deaths from toxic substances, pesticides,
herbicides and so on. It is a nightmare and horror,
the most famous and serious problem for the
whole world, which is faced by everyone
everywhere and everywhere. And people know
that everything leads to destruction and continue
to pollute and destroy Nature.

People do not bring any benefit to the world,
but only multiply and live in one day and have
chosen a terrible destructive path, destroying
everything in their path.

Humanity has devastated, disfigured
and poisoned the whole
world. Because of this, more and more chemical
and acid rain and snow fall all over the world.

Poisoning, devastation and destruction of the
globe occurs due to the extraction of coal, oil, ore,
gas, bauxite, asbestos, tin, salt, soil, gravel, sand,
stone, diamonds, gold, silver, nickel, copper,
pyrite, zinc , lead, chromium, aluminum, titanium,
cobalt, uranium, oxide, tungsten, zirconium,
magnesium, potassium, vanadium, molybdenum,
palladium and more.

As a result, the extraction of everything and
everyone from the globe led to the destruction
of the entire globe, huge quarries, craters,
underground voids everywhere and around
the world led to the complete destruction
of the globe, this is already a global catastrophe.