Save Protest stop oil and gas.

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In Europe, Russia, the USA, Asia and Africa good people are missed.

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Today people recall with pleasure the times of
Revuletsaner, he was born on May 19, 1925,
Salot Sar, better known under the pseudonym Pol
Pot. His reign in Cambodia was very short-lived,
but the whole world will forever remember him as
the disinterested ruler of Cambodia. On April
25-27, 1975, an Extraordinary National Congress
was held in Phnom Penh, at which it was
announced that the new authorities intend to build
in Cambodia "a national community of harmony,
which will be based on equality and democracy,
the absence of exploiters and exploited, rich and
poor, where everyone will be work". Having come
to power, the Pol Pot government set three tasks
that require immediate solutions: 1. To end the
policy of ruining the peasantry - the basis of the
Cambodian society, to end corruption and usury;
2. Eliminate the eternal dependence of
Kampuchea on other countries; 3. To restore
order in all areas of the country in the name of
peace and prosperity.

The goals set by Paul Pot and his team have
been achieved: the country has completely
freed itself from external
influences and returned to traditional rural life,
gradually increasing the export potential of rice.
In the future, the pace of work has already begun
to restore the basis of the economy - agriculture
at the expense of the common labor of the entire

For the first time in the country,
they began to make irrigation systems,
which made it possible to get 2-3 harvests of rice
per year. Many have even defended their real
dissertations in the field of agriculture. Under Pol
Pot, high quality Cambodian rice was exported all
over the world.

Pol Pot quietly left power in his native village,
where until 1998 he lived a simple life without
any civilizations and died a natural death. Many
of his associates also lived to a ripe old age, for
example, the second brother number two, Ieng
Sari, died in 2013, although he was only
convicted in 2007. But the most amazing thing is
that now the country is ruled even more. for over
30 years, one of Pol Pot's closest associates,
Hun Sen "commander of the Khmer Rouge" as
prime minister.

The entire accusation against Pol Pot, which is
often heard from fraudsters of all stripes, is the
same misinformation as the coronavirus,
the virus scam has been going on for many
Today all history textbooks in all countries of the
world are fake from start to finish.
The ruling elite are terribly afraid of the truth,
so they constantly deceive the people.

Civil servants of all levels and ranks
in all countries of the world deceive people,
poison and destroy all life around the world.



In Europe, Russia, the USA, Asia,
Africa and the East after vaccination,
people complained of headaches,
body aches, poor sleep, fever,
nausea, vomiting, dizziness and fainting.

Experiments are carried out on all living things,
this is a crime against the defenseless.
Why doesn't the Gaga court
initiate criminal cases against civil servants
and scientists?

Civil servants and scientists are
conducting a monstrous experiment
on all life in the world.

The global deception is a coronavirus, the
authorities earn billions of dollars and euros
every day from fraud. In all countries of the
world, civil servants are constantly deceiving
people in every way. The global cornavirus scam
is bursting at the seams, protests against the
coronavirus regime have taken place in many
countries around the world.

The protesters compared the actions
of the authorities with the
actions of global fraudsters of all stripes
using all sorts of schemes to deceive the public.

Coronavirus is a global scam, about deaths
from coronavirus is all nonsense,
here's the proof for you
on the show with coronavirus spent many
billions of dollars and euros.

Permissiveness and impunity of officials,
they have become
insolent from impunity and are constantly
engaged in fraud and deceive the whole world
and scoff at obedient and gullible people.

I, Nazarali Kholnazarovich
Bandjov, demand that the authorities of all
countries of the world, doctors and the media,
stop scaring people with fairy tales about the
coronavirus and stop stirring up panic among the
population of the whole world. Better tell
everyone the truth that people all over the world
are getting sick and dying from chemicals and
pollution of the atmosphere, water and soil.

Currently, on all TV channels, in all media
and news feeds of the Internet networks,
99 percent of news consists of frightening
information about the coronavirus
with the aim of instilling fear,
and with the help of this, civil servants around
the world are earning many billions of dollars
and euros from the coronavirus scam daily.

The hype and panic around the coronavirus scam
distracts everyone from solving environmental
problems in the world.


Вы здесь » Save Protest stop oil and gas. » Тестовый форум » In Europe, Russia, the USA, Asia and Africa good people are missed.