In Europe, the USA, Russia, Asia,
Africa and  the East protests
against vaccinations, quarantine rules, 
restrictions on freedom
and travel are taking  place.

In Europe, Russia, the USA, Asia,
Africa and the East, civil  servants of all levels
and ranks, as well as medical workers,
are deceiving people everywhere.

The global cornavirus scam is bursting
at the seams,  protests against the coronavirus
regime have taken place in  many countries
around the world.
The protesters compared the actions
of the authorities with the actions
of the Third Reich using all  sorts of schemes
to brainwash obedient people.

I, Banjov Nazarali Kholnazarovich,
demand that the  authorities
of all countries of the world, doctors
and the media stop scaring people with fairy
tales about the  coronavirus and not stir up panic
among the population of the whole world.
Better tell everyone the truth that people
all over the world are getting sick
and dying from chemicals and pollution
of the atmosphere, water and soil.

Today, on all TV channels, in all media and news
feeds of the  Internet networks, 99 percent
of the news consists of  frightening information
about the coronavirus with the aim of  instilling fear,
and with the help of this, civil servants
of all  levels and ranks are fraudulently
earning billions of dollars and euros every day.

Civil servants have become completely insolent,
they do not  care about the rights of people,
we are nobody for them, but  only
the electorate and nothing more.
Over the course for many years, bureaucrats
and partocrats have turned people into monsters
who destroy everything in their path
and turn the  living environment into hell.

For several centuries, the entire globe was robbed,
destroyed,  poisoned and devastated.
Today, nowhere in the world is there
an ecologically safe place,
and not a single square millimeter is left.