Russian civil servants said they would take all
necessary measures to prevent Lake Baikal from
being included in the list of specially protected
natural areas. UNESCO issued the last warning to
the officials of the Russian Federation before the
inclusion of Lake Baikal in the list of objects
under threat of total pollution.

It was noted at the All-Russian
Ecological Forum that the water
in Lake Baikal has become toxic
and is no longer suitable for drinking.
There was a proposal to prohibit any
construction  and limit the flow of tourists
in order to save Lake Baikal.

The topic of the preservation of Lake Baikal
again made itself felt. The reason was the
statements of the responsible persons
at the All- Russian Water Congress
on the issues of environmental protection,
ecology and transport Sergei Ivanov.
He called for limiting the flow of people
to Lake Baikal if we want to save the
lakes. Due to construction and the influx
of tourists, the volume of toxic waste is growing
near Lake Baikal, and toxic waste is dumped into
the lake from treatment facilities of settlements
and industry and the enterprise.

People From 1936 to the present day they have
been polluting and poisoning the lake with all
kinds of waste from settlements,
enterprises and industries.
And no treatment facilities will rid
nature of toxic substances, chemicals and waste,
it is impossible to get rid of them.