In Russia,  the USA, China, India. Europe, Asia,
Africa and the East people suffer, get sick
and die painfully for the sake of destructive
civilization, urbanization and industrialization.

People which have caused enormous harm
to Nature and do not think that the devastated,
disfigured, destroyed and poisoned earth will
not be able to give birth to anything natural.
People built a real hell that poisoned
and destroyed all good in the
whole world. Today, nowhere in the world is
anything natural, even vegetables, fruits, berries,
plants and even people have become artificial
due to various chemicals and environmental

Dangerous toxic chemicals in vegetables, fruits,
berries, water and air. Fields, meadows, forests,
gardens, water and air are polluted with various
toxic wastes, and they are also treated with
chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.
They lead to numerous diseases and death
of all living things all over the world.

The World Health Organization has published on
its official website information on herbicides and
pesticides that cause death and disease of all
living things around the world. Glyphosate is used
all over Russia and all over the world: it is
produced under several names - Roundup
Glyphor, Tornado, Hurricane, and so on.

Pesticides - acaricides, bactericides, aphicides,
attractants, arboricides, antiseptics, antiresistants,
anthelmintics, algicides and so on. All this causes
cancer of the skin, brain, all internal organs and
causes stroke, heart attack, paralysis and coma.
The consequences of air, water, soil and
atmospheric pollution are the main causes of all
disease and death.