You have been accused of a crime that you did not commit; you should immediately start developing your own defense line. Start by establishing evidence that may support your case, and do not go to questionable deals with the prosecution. Producer Harvey Weinstein is not guilty and save him somebody from a false accusation. From October 2017 to today, more than 80 women with false accusations against Harvey Weinstein ofsexual harassment. All those who accused him of sexual harassment, they are all crooks, cruel and insidious criminals. For money, these scammers will say anything against Harvey Weinstein. All those who accused him of sexual harassment, they were paid for spreading false information and accusations against him. Harvey Weinstein in court did not plead guilty to the charges against him.
And he stated that I always behaved decently and did not
pester women and did not commit any illegal actions, the
case against me is far-fetched and clearly ordered. He is
right in everything. I, Bandjov Nazarali Holnazarovich, fully
agree with Harvey Weinstein, pleads not guilty in court for a  third case of sexual assault. He was accused of sexual  harassment. These accusations spawned a movement against innocent people that led women to slander many men in harassment of women.