Save Protest stop oil and gas.

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Help Save the Planet.

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This petition is to stop and stop mining coal, oil, gas, ore,  diamonds, gold, salt, soil, gravel, sand, stone and much more.
production. And save Nature to the planet.
As global warming is becoming an increasingly serious problem, we must live by the laws of nature - the main commandment of the world.

Everyone should carefully and carefully treat the
whole world and save, preserve and protect their
native Nature. I urge all of humanity to live
according to the laws of Nature, and not according
to destructive human laws. We are those who care
that people destroy Nature. We must unite with the
whole world and save Nature from humanity.
Conservationists from around the world against

They came to the conclusion that man is a
stupid and dangerous animal on the planet and
from them all troubles and destruction are
everywhere and the whole world suffers from their
criminal activity. Man is the main enemy of Nature,
before the multiplication of people in the world
was paradise, and people turned it into hell.

Humanity’s activity is the most destructive in the
world, it occurs all over the world from the
extraction of oil, coal, gas, ore, salt, diamonds,
gold, sand, soil and much more. Earth, water and air are
poisoned all over the world, clean water and clean
air have already become a deficit and they havey
not remained anywhere in the world, everyone
suffers from it. There are very few good people
around the globe who live for peace and for
mother's sake - Nature, they are one of the rarest

And there are a lot of monstrous people
all over the world who dominate Nature. Monstrous
little men think that they live on another planet, so
they are so brazenly destroying Nature and
pumping out, pumping everything and everything
out of Nature, and destroying and destroying
Mother Earth. Not responding to these facts of the
crime is tantamount to complicity in the crime.
Mankind has the audacity to blame all its atrocities
on defenseless and innocent mice, rats, cows, pigs,
birds, insects and plants and so on. I appeal to all
mankind to stop the whole world and imagine such
a picture that there is nothing to breathe, nothing to
quench, there is heat or cold, floods or drought,
then everyone will end,

Therefore, oil, gas, coal, ore, gold, diamonds, soil, gravel, sand, stone, salt and so on. The fault of people has changed the
climate for the worse, the shallow and dried up
rivers and lakes in different parts of the World, themelting of icebergs and the arctic ocean, earthquakes, hurricanes, acid rains and snow, disrupted, poisoned Earth, atmosphere and water.

All living things around the world breathe one poisoning by air, we drink the same poisoning water. Therefore, we are all sick and do not live, but suffer and slowly painfully die. There is only one life in the world, then mother is the Earth, which created us and other animals and plants, and together we have one family. And we all have to live the world according to the laws of mother - Nature, so we can get rid of all diseases, troubles
and destructions.



Thank you, young Ekolyata! We hope that with our joint efforts we will fight against the destroyers of nature



World leaders pushed the world back to global catastrophe: The most destructive and deadly project is theextraction of oil, gas, coal, ore, salt, soil, gravel, sand, stone, salt, nickel, uranium copper, gold and murch more: From the extraction of all this all over the world, all Nature is destroyed and poisoned.



A Massive Explosion & Fire at an Oil Refinery
in California!!


Вы здесь » Save Protest stop oil and gas. » Тестовый форум » Help Save the Planet.