Save Protest stop oil and gas.

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Learn Russian and English with Nature Protection

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People have turned the whole world into a lifeless
space, the emissions of toxic waste poison water,
air and soil and lead to disease and death of all
living things on the planet. 160 years ago, there
were many clean rivers, lakes, seas, oceans and
regions in the world, and today there is not a
single clean zone left in the world and not a
single milligram of clean water remains.

Humanity has turned the whole world into a real
hell, all over the world everyone breathes in
concentrated gas, hydrogen, pesticides and so on.
Many people do not care about the world in
which they live, so they brazenly destroy,
devastate and poison the earth, water and

Through the fault of humanity, the Earth
is crumbling, and all living things in the
whole world are dying. Humanity dumps all its
blame on defenseless and innocent mice, rats,
cows, pigs, birds, insects, plants and so on.

I call on all humanity to stop destroying and
poisoning Nature. Imagine a picture that there is
nothing to breathe, nothing to quench your thirst,
heat or cold, floods or drought.
Then there will be an end for everyone,
so you need to give up
everything harmful in a timely manner.
The consequences of mining soil, gravel, sand,
stone, salt, coal, ore, oil, gas, and so on.
On the face, the climate has changed for the
worse, shallow and dry rivers and lakes
in different parts of the
world, melting icebergs and the Arctic Ocean,
earthquakes, hurricanes, acid rain and snow.

All living beings all over the world breathe the
same air poisoning, we drink the same water
poisoning. Therefore, we are all sick and do not
live, but suffer and die slowly and painfully.
Before it's too late, we can get rid of all the
troubles and destruction, for this we need all of
humanity to stop coal mining forever. Ore, oil,
gas, salt, soil, gravel, sand, stone, diamonds, gold,
bauxite, asbestos, manganese, copper, zinc,
nickel, tin, aluminum, titanium, cobalt, uranium,
oxide, tungsten, zirconium and so on



В Москве введена обязательная вакцинация
трудящихся. Как долго будет продолжаться
этот обман с коронавирусом.



Mandatory vaccination for working people has
been introduced in Moscow. How long will this
deception with the coronavirus continue.



Мошенничество с коронавирусом
терроризирует всех,
доказательство тому - обязательная вакцинация
и большие штрафы за нарушение правил.



Coronavirus scams terrorize everyone,
the proof of this is the compulsory vaccination
and heavy fines for breaking the rules.



Люди, создавая цивилизацию,
урбанизацию и индустриализацию,
разрушали и изуродовали всё в мире,
уничтожая Природу,
так опустошили и отравили земной шар
и превратили земной рай в огромный карьер,
кратеры, подземные пустоты, свалки
и мертвую зону.
Ради всего вредного люди без
памяти и разума превратили себя
в монстра.
Человечество уничтожило все хорошее
во всём мире и превратило земной рай в ад.



People, creating civilization, urbanization
and industrialization, destroyed
and disfigured everything in the world,
destroying Nature, so devastated
and poisoned the globe and turned
the earthly paradise into a huge quarry,
craters, underground voids, landfills
and a dead zone.
For the sake of everything harmful,
people without memory and reason have
turned themselves into a monster.
Humanity has destroyed all good
things in the whole world and turned
the earthly paradise into hell.



В Липецкой области возбуждено уголовное
дело по факту загрязнения реки Усмань и
гибели представителей флоры и фауны.
В рамках расследования уголовного дела будут
выяснены все обстоятельства происшествия.
Принимая во внимание доказательства,
полученные в ходе расследования,



In the Lipetsk region, a criminal case has been
initiated on the fact of pollution of the Usman
River and the death of representatives of flora
and fauna. As part of the investigation of the
criminal case, all the circumstances of the
incident will be clarified. Taking into account the
evidence obtained during the investigation.



В Германии власти не надеются найти
выживших в зоне наводнения, где люди
погибли, а многие пропали без вести.

In Germany, the authorities do not hope to find
survivors in the flood area, where people have
died and many are missing.


Вы здесь » Save Protest stop oil and gas. » Тестовый форум » Learn Russian and English with Nature Protection