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Humanity is the most terrible virus on the Planet.

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Contrary to popular belief about the callousness
of many modern people and their indifference to
environmental problems, there are still many
environmentalists, including among musicians. In
the fall of last year, a video appeared, the footage
of which was shot from the Greenpeace
icebreaker, and the music for the video was
written by the frontman of the Radiohead group
Thom Yorke. The electronic track was far from
the first statement by York on environmental
issues, to which he, in one way or another,
dedicated several other songs of his team.
Moreover, at one time the musician thought to
completely abandon the tour due to the harmful
emissions of vehicles and aircraft. Therefore,
until recently, on the world tour of Radiohead,
together with the technical staff, they preferred to
ride buses powered by biofuel, and in order not to
drag all their numerous musical equipment by
plane across the ocean, they somehow took and
bought a second set of instruments for touring in
the USA and Japan. Remember Michael Jackson?
There is a video in which the pop king does not
dance, but is sad in a burnt forest. In a dramatic
song, he asks the question: what about land
destruction? The viewers of the video are
frightened with dead elephants, refugees, etc. In
the end, the planet takes control of the situation
and the elephants come to life. An excellent
example of an exaggerated musical manifesto
about a possible environmental disaster.

Save Planet World: Protector of Nature Banjov Nazarali Kholnazarovich.

Devastation and pollution of the Earth, water and
air due to the criminal activities of all mankind.
People do not think about the consequences of
their crimes against Nature: they are confident in
their complete impunity.

Environmental problems in the world are taking
on the scale of a global catastrophe, if they are
not solved today, then tomorrow it will be too
late. There remains the only chance to save
Nature, completely abandon human civilization
and live like the rest of the animal world.

The sources of all diseases and terrible painful
deaths are everywhere, it is civilization,
urbanization and industrialization: These three
factors turned the earthly paradise into horror and
hell, disfigured, poisoned all nature.
People violate the laws of nature in order to
destroy everything and everyone in the world.

The Earth and the atmosphere on the Planet
are the same, if people somewhere destroy
something, it upsets the ecological balance
in the whole world.

People, are you not afraid that you will soon stop
without water, air and plants? Doesn't humanity
really understand that the destroyed, polluted and
poisoned Earth, water and atmosphere will never
return in its pure form?

Today, the water level is at a record low
and will reach catastrophic levels by 2030 due to
the extraction coal, oil, ore, gas, bauxite, asbestos,
tin, manganese salt, soil, gravel, sand, stone,
diamonds, gold, silver, nickel, copper, pyrite, zinc,
lead, chromium, aluminum, titanium, cobalt,
pmagnesium, uranium, oxides and much more.

I, Banjov Nazarali Kholnazarovich, ask all people
to stop destroying Nature. Several centuries ago
there were few people in the world and there were
no cities, transport and industry, then there was a
real paradise. And today it is a real hell, the
whole world is poisoned with toxic waste, it hurts
to see how people destroy Nature.

Under no circumstances should any excavation or
mining work in the world be permitted as it
destroys natural landscapes. 58 years ago there
were many green and clean places in many parts
of the world. And today everything is poisoned
everywhere. The whole world is drowning in toxic
waste, hundreds of billions of tons of the most
dangerous waste are scattered around the world,
on Earth in gorges, rivers, lakes, seas, oceans,
and all toxic waste from all over the world is
dumped there.

People Industrialization and urbanization have led to
the complete poisoning and destruction of the entire
globe and water sources.
Mining of coal, oil, ore, gas, bauxite, asbestos,
tin, manganese salt, soil, gravel, sand, stone,
diamonds, gold, silver, nickel, copper, pyrite, zinc, lead, chromium, aluminum, titanium, cobalt,magnesium,
uranium, oxides and much more:
Extraction of all that in the world will lead
to the complete destruction of the entire globe and to
the shallowing of rivers, lakes of the sea and the
Aral Sea and the complete disappearance of
fresh water throughout the world.

Today, many countries in the world are experiencing
an acute shortage of clean water. No one can purify
polluted water from toxic substances. Secondly,
no sewage treatment plant in the world has ever skillfully
and will not be able to purify water from harmful
toxic substances.

I, Banjov Nazarali Kholnazarovich
appeal to all of humanity, stop for a
second and imagine this picture, that there is
nothing to breathe, there is no water at all, there
is heat and drought, then we will all be finished.

Save Nature and protect the world from
humanity. The most terrible and monstrous
actions of mankind have led, will lead to terrible
consequences to the complete destruction of the
entire globe: All over the world, huge underground
voids, quarries, cracks and cracks - from the
extraction of coal, oil, ore, gas, bauxite, asbestos,
tin, manganese salt, soil, gravel, sand, stone,
diamonds, gold, silver, nickel, copper, pyrite, zinc,
lead, chromium, aluminum, titanium, cobalt,
magnesium, uranium, oxides and much more,
have led to the destruction of the entire globe.

Protectors of nature from all over the
world urge people to refuse from everything
harmful in the name of Nature. It is a pity that the
vast majority of people do not heed the voice of

Monstrous people all over the
world think that they live on another planet, that's
why they are so brazenly destroying Nature.

The ecological situation all over the world is
terrible and requires an early resolution, otherwise
a terrible catastrophe will happen.
Environmentalists call on the whole world to
permanently stop mining Extraction of coal, oil, ore,
gas, bauxite, asbestos, tin, manganese salt, soil, gravel,
sand, stone, diamonds, gold, silver, nickel, copper, pyrite,
zinc, lead, chromium, aluminum, titanium, cobalt,
magnesium, uranium, oxides and much more.

All living things in the world get sick and die from
chemicals - herbicides, pesticides, exhaust
transport gases, industrial complexes, landfills,
sewers, cesspools and so on.

People have poisoned all the water, the entire earth
and the entire atmosphere, and nowhere in the world
is there anything pure, not even one milligram of
water, everything and everyone is poisoned in the
whole world. Humanity has created hell and
horror all over the world with its own hands.

I, Banjov Nazarali Kholnazarovich,
ask all people to stop destroying and dominating
Nature and the whole world. There is no difference
between us and all living things in the whole world,
we are all creatures of Nature.
Plants, animals and we are all children of the Earth,
and we are all one family. And we all must live with
the whole world - according to the laws of Nature
and save the World from a worldwide
ecological catastrophe.

The destruction of the globe led to drought and
loss of water in many regions of the world: due
to the extraction of coal, oil, ore, gas, bauxite,
asbestos, tin, manganese, soil, soil, gravel, sand,
stone, diamonds, gold, silver. , nickel, copper,
pyrite, zinc, lead, chromium, aluminum, titanium,
cobalt, magnesium, uranium, oxides and much
more: the extraction of all this led to the
destruction of the entire globe and the
disappearance of rivers, streams, lakes,
groundwater and swamps.

Fresh water will forever disappear all over the world
in 20 years if people today do not stop mining coal,
oil, ore, gas, bauxite, asbestos, tin, manganese, salt,
soil, gravel, sand, stone. , diamonds, gold, silver,
nickel, copper, pyrite, zinc, lead, chromium,
aluminum, titanium, cobalt, magnesium, uranium,
oxides and more.

The entire Earth, all water and the entire
atmosphere are constantly poisoned, and all
fields, meadows and forests around the world
have been poisoned with herbicides and
pesticides beyond recognition for many years due
to the criminal activities of all mankind, many
animals and plants have been destroyed all over
the world, all forests are being destroyed at high
speed around the clock.

Due to the criminal activities of mankind, the
volume of fresh water around the world has
decreased by 80 percent, the concentration of
oxygen in the atmosphere has decreased by 90

The ozone layer in the atmosphere has collapsed
from to a catastrophic level - 94 percent due to toxic
emissions, causing glaciers around the world to
melt and reach the point of no return. Due to the
destruction of the ozone layer, moisture and
water evaporate a thousand times faster, this is
already a global disaster.

Climate change for the worse, shallowing and
drying up of rivers and lakes in different parts of
the world, melting of icebergs and the Arctic
Ocean, earthquakes, hurricanes, acid rain and
snow. Humanity knows about this and continues
to destroy the world and continues to poison - the
Earth, the atmosphere and water. From this we
are all sick and do not live, we suffer and die

Human civilization, urbanization and
industrialization have led to the destruction of all
life in the world and to a global environmental
catastrophe. Before it is too late, we can save
Nature, for this we must all stop mining coal, oil, ore,
gas, bauxite, asbestos, tin, manganese, soil, soil,
gravel, sand, stone, diamonds, gold, silver. , nickel,
copper, pyrite, zinc, lead, chromium, aluminum,
titanium, cobalt, magnesium, uranium,
oxides and much more: This is the only way
to prevent a global ecological catastrophe
and save the Earth.

We, people, should not gazpodstvat over the
world and over someone there is.
No difference between us and all living things
in the world.
Plants, animals and we are children of the Earth,
and we are all one family. And we with the whole
world must live according to the laws of Nature
and save the whole world from destruction and
ecological catastrophe.

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Songs of the group R. E. M. in Defense of Nature:
there is a song that can be interpreted as
saying about the danger of acid rain or as a song
about oppression. The video matches the
melancholy structure of this music: very strange
inverted black and white footage with almost
post-apocalyptic industrial landscapes. As for
heavy music, the topic of environmental
conservation is very popular in it, and almost the
very first songs about this were written by
legendary metallers - Black Sabbath. Their
contemporary American counterparts Disturbed,
who play alternative metal, dedicated one of their
songs to global environmental problems with
lines in the spirit of "while we pollute the sky,
glaciers melt and signs of devastation are
everywhere." The video contains a collection of
urban nightmares: smoking factories, huge
landfills, a beach with oil rigs on the horizon. It
must be said that the English rocker Ozzy
Osbourne at one time more and more often began
to turn in his work to the problems of
environmental protection. For example, at the
insistence of the musician, all the booklets for his
disc called Black Rain were produced from
recycled paper, and part of the edition appeared
without booklets at all. In short, the use of such a
valuable product as paper has been reduced to
the smallest possible size. Well, this can also be
considered as some kind of contribution to
environmental protection. But Osborne's support
for the Greens did not end there. He drew
attention to environmental problems in the songs
of the above-mentioned album. The lyrics of
some of the musical compositions deal with
environmental issues. And in one of his
interviews, the rocker bluntly stated that he
considers himself to be one of the artists who do
not care what world they live in and what is
happening on our planet. At the same time, the
musician emphasized that it was necessary to
change the situation and act immediately, before
it was too late.



Today, ecology is our common cause, and other
performers are not lagging behind the famous
rocker. Countdown to Extinction by rock band
Megadeth depicts the destruction of animals.
People kill animals and are proud that the hunt
was successful: they now have a wonderful skin -
a wonderful trophy. A man feels like a man when
he pulls the trigger and kills an animal. But this is
pure selfishness! Species of living beings
disappear, the planet is slowly emptying, and
people feel brave, believing that this is precisely
what heroism is. The musicians sing about this,
urging not to destroy, but to take care of the
world around us. The famous American rock
group Grand Funk recorded the album E Pluribus
Funk back in 1971, the envelope of which was
made in the form of a silver coin with the profiles
of the musicians. This typically hard rock album
touched upon socially significant issues: ecology,
the Vietnam War, overpopulation. Mother Nature,
s Son - This song by the Liverpool four Tne
Beatles is about a person who really loves nature.
A mountain stream, daisies in the field and grass
are close to his heart, he experiences pleasure
watching the flow of water. Paul McCartney
wrote this song in Liverpool after a lecture on
nature given by guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Sir
Paul noted that he has always loved nature and
his wife Linda shares his views.



The man who brings destruction to Nature is
directly called stupid in the song When The Sun
Burns Red by rock band Kreator. People destroy
the world around them, and he, in turn, responds
to them with fires, severe frosts, storms and
downpours. It is clear that nothing goes
unpunished. Gamma Ray's song To Mother Earth
also raises the issue of environmental protection.
People did a lot of harm to nature, which is why it
dies. But suddenly a person appears who
announces: "I have come to avenge everything
that you have done with the world around you."
He says that he saw a lot of beauty: how doves
cooed and eagles flew, but all this beauty was
lost. Therefore, a person grieves for nature, as for
his own mother. Paradise - This song by the rock
band Stratovarius opens the eyes to the dire
environmental situation and encourages people to
take action. Despite the fact that what is
happening may seem hopeless, you need to fight
for the preservation of nature, because there is
always a way out. Many rare species will soon be
exterminated, and we will never find them again.
How can we behave like this? So let's put
everything back in place. Another song called
Ecocide by rock band Earth Crisis talks about
how people have destroyed their dreams of the
future. Black clouds of smoke rise into the sky,
and the forest is slowly dying. The reason for
everything is human greed.



Another famous rock band U.D.O. in the song
The Eye of The Eagle praises mother earth for
giving humanity a lot of beauty. The musicians
sing: it's good to be alive and see the beauty
around you. Another German collective -
Rammstein in the song Donaukinder presented a
picture after the destruction of the Danube River.
Sick animals, dead swans and fish are shown to
the audience. And all this was done by a man.
Species are dying out right before our eyes. A
world in which they cannot survive. We left them
only one more way to die. Are we dead inside?
Let me remind you that in 2000 at the Aurul
enterprise (the city of Baia Mare), engaged in the
extraction of gold and silver, one hundred
thousand cubic meters of cyanide salts were
released into the tributary of the Danube River.
The flora and fauna of the river in its Hungarian
section were destroyed, since the permissible
concentration of these salts at peak times was
eight hundred times exceeded. Therefore, in
Hungary, to reduce the effect of pollution, they
promptly caught about 100 tons of dead fish.



For rock music lovers, it makes no sense to once
again represent the legendary band Iron Maiden,
on account of which there are plenty of released
discs and a lot of concerts held all over the
world. In one of their songs, titled Total Eclips,
they paint the consequences of harming the
environment. Mother Nature began to take
revenge on people, and in her hands all the
power. People will no longer see the sunrise, but
will only contemplate the darkness as cold as
steel. And the song “Don't Kill the Whales” is
exactly the case when from the name alone it is
already clear what the English rock band Yes will
sing about. At the same time, it cannot be argued
that the British have gone somewhere to the side.
Unless they promised to judge all those
responsible for the destruction of these animals,
if such a time comes. The most curious thing is
how the clip was filmed: shots with whales are
interspersed with translucent musicians who are
mounted in the water element. Perhaps, in 1978 it
looked pretty cool. Four years ago, music stars
sent an open letter to the world leaders attending
the UN conference. Musicians included Robert
Plant, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Bjork, and
Radiohead. Together with them, several dozen
other well-known performers handed over their
letter on the issues of climate change on the
planet, in order to call on the world community to
create a coordinating council to combat global
warming and develop a low-carbon economy.



The call of the musicians was connected with
their desire to contribute to the improvement of
the ecology on Earth: “We know that all of
humanity is overloading the life support systems
on the planet. The decisions that the UN
conference will take can have an impact on our
life in the near future and completely change the
lives of future generations. We intend to use our
creativity and cultural capabilities to help find
solutions to global problems facing our planet. "
Protecting animals with their songs, some rock
musicians fight for their right to a normal life,
uniting in communities or helping on their own, as
well as for ideological reasons they refuse to eat
meat, wear fur and promote this way of life. One
of the founders of The Beatles - Paul McCartney
is known not only as a musician. Together with
Linda, his second wife, he became an active
animal rights activist and also adheres to a
vegetarian diet. Let me remind you that
McCartney persistently called for a boycott of
manufacturers of clothing made from natural fur.
Moreover, in 2005, he publicly promised not to
perform in China due to the fact that in this
country killing animals for fur has become the
norm in due time. In addition, Paul called for an
end to the seal hunting.



In 2007, a number of concerts with the
participation of world stars took place in the
United States: Madonna, The Police, Red Hot
Chile Peppers and others in support of the "green"
lifestyle. These concerts were supposed to help
build people's understanding of global
environmental issues. Of course, this is very
good. But immediately there were skeptics who
expressed their attitude to what was happening.
In their opinion, the private jets of the musicians,
limousines, pyrotechnics, as well as vehicles of
spectators who came to the concerts have done
more harm to the environment than good. Thanks
to these "green" concerts, an extra 35 thousand
tons of carbon dioxide appeared in the
atmosphere. According to experts, for a single
concert, from 500 to 1000 tons of carbon dioxide
are released into the atmosphere, which is 25-30
times more than the average statistical American
"produces" in a whole year. And now, you don't
need to hold concerts? So you can agree to the
point that everything that a person does is
extremely harmful. Therefore, let the skeptics
remain in their opinion, being in melancholy and



At the end of the eighties, a double album
Greenpeace Breaktrough was released in our
country - a charitable musical disc on vinyl as
part of a project organized by Greenpeace to
protect wildlife. The purpose of releasing the
album was to raise funds for just that. The
second goal is to introduce the Soviet people to
Western music. Through the release of the album,
Greenpeace hoped to draw the attention of the
inhabitants of the Land of the Soviets to the
problems of whale extermination, deforestation
and the operation of nuclear power plants. Those
who did not regret at that time their labor eleven
rubles to buy this double album, and it was not
such a small amount, was not disappointed,
because the songs of world famous performers
were "cut" on vinyl. Some things in their content
were related to wildlife - others were devoted to
friendship and good neighborliness. Remarkably,
the booklet of the album was printed on special
non-toxic Scannmat paper, which does not
contain wood pulp bleached by chlorination.



I, Bandjov Nazarali Kholnazarovich, devote my
life to Nature and live for her sake.



Greenpeace Breakthrough 80's
7 / 23 Little Owl … mp;index=7



Save the environment, save the world. Caring for
the environment is everyone's responsibility. The
planet is life, save Nature.


Вы здесь » Save Protest stop oil and gas. » Тестовый форум » Humanity is the most terrible virus on the Planet.