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Long live Pol Pot, Long live Lenin.

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In Cambodia, local communists have erected the
country's first monument to former head of state
Pol Pot, Cambodia Morning reports. There was no
genocide under him, everything about genocide,
vidums and disinformation from beginning to end,
this is an information war at the world level. And
about the massacres and purges, all these tales
were invented to discredit Pol Pot and remove
him from power.

Peace and order, collectivism, brotherhood
and solidarity reigned under Pol Pot, - said the
initiator of the installation of the monument,
Nen Nguyen. In the memory of our people, Pol Pot
is collective labor, common property and a common
budget. And most importantly, there was an
idea and a stimulus for life.

The present authorities cannot give anything
like the Cambodian people.
Pol Pot came to power with the help of the
people, and later they betrayed him and defamed
him. Also, the people of the USSR betrayed their
homeland - the Soviet Union.

Now the elites of many countries in Asia, Europe,
the USA and other countries of the world are putting
forward all kinds of false accusations against Pol Pot
and the USSR. It is not the world powers that should
indicate and dictate to us who we should be and
how we should live, whom to honor and to whom
to erect monuments, Nen Nguyen concluded.

The leader of the Cambodian Communist Party, in
turn, made an opening speech in which he said
that “the enemies of the Cambodians have
defamed the bright name of Pol Pot, but the wind
of history will blow mercilessly on him.



Long live Yeltsin, hurray, hurray, hurray Boris
Nikolaevich. He was and will remain the
personification of Peace, the Struggle for Peace
and cooperation among all the peoples of the
world and for the preservation of Peace and for
general and complete disarmament throughout
the world.



Under Yeltsin, collective farms and state farms
provided the entire country, and under Putin, they
specially brought them to bankruptcy and to
complete destruction on purpose. Today, the
country is in chaos and devastation, and deputies,
senators and civil servants of all levels and ranks
are getting richer, doing nothing for the country.



Pol Pot, who grew up in a peasant family in the
Cambodian province of Kampong Thom and
received his primary education in a Buddhist
monastery, was a monk for two years, receiving
the science of tolerance and humility there.



Happy life and free labor of the Democratic

Счастливая жизнь и свободный труд
демократической кампучии:

У Пол Пота был амбициозный план по
введению ленинско-социалистического
строя в Камбодже.

Pol Pot had an ambitious plan to introduce
the Lenin-Socialist order in Cambodia.

Пол Пот:


Вы здесь » Save Protest stop oil and gas. » Тестовый форум » Long live Pol Pot, Long live Lenin.