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Trump's revolution is like Yeltsin's 1993 revolution,

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Donald Trump supporters stormed the
Washington building on January 7, where an
electoral college vote was approved. Police fired
into a crowd of unarmed people who simply
wanted to talk to officials and investigate the
fraudulent elections. The authorities scoff at the
people because of the lack of solidarity of the
whole people, this is all over the world because
people are not trying to change something for the
better in the world.

Never in the United States and in many other
countries of the world there
has been and there is no democracy and
freedom. All around deception, we are deceived
everywhere and everywhere. Elections are a
complete deception and scam.

In world history, elections under
Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin were
more fair. Yeltsin's opponents participated in all
elections and won all elections. Zyuganov was
Boris Yeltsin's main rival in the 1996 presidential
elections, and he won, but Gennady Andreyevich
immediately congratulated Yeltsin on his victory
and told him that he was giving up victory, after
which Zyuganov's statement changed the
election results in Yeltsin's favor.

All witnesses of these events can confirm this
fact. I was Banjov Nazarali Kholnazarovich
during the elections, from beginning to end,
looked at the scoreboard of the voting results and
protested against Zyuganov's shameful
surrender. If he had proclaimed himself president
in 1996, he would have achieved one hundred
percent success, and no one would have been
able to stop him. Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin spoke
about this after the 1996 elections. He always
played by the rules, for this he was respected by
all countries of the world and no one made
claims to Russia.

The current ruling elite,
Russia, is increasingly moving away from society
and the country because of the general disregard
for the world. From 1993 to 2000, they turned the
whole people against Yeltsin. Bureaucratic habits
remained the same, bribery, embezzlement,
constant fraudulent schemes in all spheres and
industries, all these are constitutional norms, laws
and other fraudulent norms and schemes
throughout the country. Because of this, Boris
Nikolayevich Yeltsin fought in every possible way
against deputies, senators, officials and
celebrities of all stripes, who from 1986 to 1988
completely robbed the USSR and took everything

By decision of the state officials of the KGB, the
Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs, the General Staff, the Ministry of
Justice, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union,
the Komsomol and the trade union committee in
September 1987, the plunder and destruction of
the USSR was legalized throughout the country.
Boris Yeltsin spoke out against these criminal
plans in the Kremlin at the Plenum of the Central
Committee of the CPSU in October 1987, this
speech came as a complete surprise to all civil
servants of all levels and ranks, as well as to the
Communist Party.

The head of the Cheka on July 20, 1926, Felix
Edmundovich, also spoke at the plenum of the
Central Committee of the All-Union Communist
Party, where from a high rostrum he exposed all
civil servants and all power in criminal activity.
And Boris Yeltsin did the same as Felix.
In September 1987, the head of the Moscow City
Party Committee, a candidate member of the
Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee, is not
satisfied with the pace of work of the state
apparatus and, most importantly, the inaction of
the country's party leadership, which pushed the
USSR into the abyss. For this exposure, the
participants in the plenum of the CPSU Central
Committee call Yeltsin a traitor. And immediately
Yeltsin is deprived of all high posts. It would
seem that his political career is marked with a
bold cross.

However, Yeltsin as a politician
does not give up. he speaks everywhere and
everywhere warns that the deputies and civil
servants of the USSR and the RSFSR will push
the country towards chaos and destruction, and
no one is listening to his voices.

By a decree of all power structures and all deputies
and officials of all republics of the USSR in April 1988,
adopted a law on secession from the USSR. And
the Supreme Soviets of these republics decided
to secede from the USSR and called on people to
burn Soviet flags. Further, as a chain, pogroms,
conflicts and fratricidal wars began in the USSR
and the RSFSR.



Long live Yeltsin, hurray, hurray, hurray Boris
Nikolaevich. He was and will remain the
personification of Peace, the Struggle for Peace
and cooperation among all the peoples of the
world and for the preservation of Peace and for
general and complete disarmament throughout
the world.


Вы здесь » Save Protest stop oil and gas. » Тестовый форум » Trump's revolution is like Yeltsin's 1993 revolution,