Toma Shankara is the only honest person and
president in the history of the world. Until now,
many ordinary people are worried about his story.
In his African state, he tried to create a paradise.
He eradicated bureaucracy and abolished titles
and vocations, including by eradicating luxury - he
himself set an example for his subordinates.
Sankar received the title of the best president of
the world for a reason: he refused a high salary,
giving it to agricultural workers, flew only in
economy class, rode a bicycle and an old

However, the tests for civil servants did not end
there: their salaries were cut and they were
banned from flying in business class. Shankara
himself, as always, set an example: he used only
the "housekeeper". Even when he flew to other
countries on public affairs. It got to the point that
Shankara ordered the removal of the air
conditioner from the president's office. They say
people live in poverty and cannot afford it - so
why should the president use the benefits?

Many officials under Sankar were sent
from their cozy offices to the farms, where they
were ordered to do the work of ordinary workers.
How else to understand the conditions in which
people live, objected Shankara. At the same time,
he began to take large land holdings from the rich
and distribute allotments to the poor. The result
was stunning - soon only the wheat crop in the
country grew 2.5 times, and Burkina Faso no
longer needed food, they provided themselves
with everything. After his success, Shankara
refused humanitarian aid from America and

Further - more: the president started talking about
Africa's refusal to make payments to the same
America and Europe. He tirelessly fought
corruption: a person convicted of embezzlement
faced a huge sentence. Burkina Faso no longer
borrowed heavily from the IMF. This could not
but worry the West - the United States already
had a bulwark of socialism on its side in the form
of Cuba, and then there was Africa! The French
special services have taken up the overthrow of
Shankara, writes "AiF".

A huge amount, even by modern standards,
was allocated for this
- $ 5 million. Many bureaucrats and partocrats in
the country sharpened their teeth at the president
in order to remove him from power and return to
his former luxury and privilege. On October 15,
1987, a group of soldiers went to storm the
residence of Tom Sankara. Oddly enough, but
they were led by Captain Blaise Compaore,
Shankara considered him his closest friend and
loyal ally. The president was not only shot, but
also buried in an unmarked grave.