Air conditioners brings a headache, the
development of many diseases - tonsillitis,
allergies, legionellosis, exacerbation of chronic
diseases of the respiratory system, pain in the
eyes, neck, back, arms, legs and in different parts
of the body. The air from the air conditioner is
dangerous not only for people, but for the whole
world, because of air conditioners on the street,
suffocating air and people confuse it with the
temperature of the weather.

Industry, transport, burning coal, oil, gas led
to poisoning,
destruction of the globe and melting glaciers all
over the world. People do not even think that all
their inventions are destructive and deadly for the
whole world.

Air conditioners, building
materials, industry, transport, burning coal, oil,
gas and so on, because of all this, the air has
become suffocating and people blatantly blame
the weather.

Humanity does not think that
everything that they produce poisons the soil,
water and atmosphere, and all toxic substances
in the world will touch them anywhere in the
world and penetrate the body through the skin,
through the respiratory system,
through the water and through everything.
People will also experience excruciating
pain and excruciating death, like all flora,
fauna and everyone else.

The most terrible virus in the world
is humanity, they destroy all life on the
planet. Due to the destructive activities of all
mankind, terrible droughts in many regions of the
This comes from the extraction of coal,
oil, ore, gas, bauxite, asbestos, tin, manganese,
soil, soil, gravel, sand,
stone, diamonds , gold, silver, nickel, copper,
pyrite, zinc, lead, chromium, aluminum, titanium,
cobalt, magnesium, uranium, oxides and so on.
Because of the mining of all this,
huge underground voids, huge quarries,
huge funnels and huge trenches have formed
all over the world.
All this leads to a worldwide catastrophe
from which there is no salvation for anyone
in the world.

I, Banjov Nazarali since my early
years traveled around the world with adults
and witnessed the fact that 55 years ago there
was water in wells everywhere and everywhere
at a shallow depth, but today there is no water
in the wells at all.

Today, the whole world is littered with
garbage, and during the cornavirus scam,
mountains of garbage were added to this - masks,
gloves, bottles, packaging, and so on. Horror and
nightmare every day dump many billions of tons
of different garbage and plastic around the world
Today the whole world is drowning in garbage.
This garbage is everywhere: in cities, regions,
towns, villages, forests, rivers, lakes, seas,
oceans, mountains, islands and in the
atmosphere: This garbage gets into the stomachs
of flora and fauna and into our stomachs.